Reading Exercise – Full Paper

Blog Context For this weeks blog we were asked to answer some questions about the reading exercise which I’ve listed below with my answers. What does this papers title tell you about the article and does it make you want to read it? I feel this title ” Exploring Minecraft as a Conduit for Increasing […]

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Week 6: Discourse Analysis

Discourse Analysis is the study of discovering context behind a persons specific language used by looking “Beyond the Sentence” (Deborah Tannen, Discourse Analysis).  Discourse Analysis looks at the grammar used and asks questions about why that grammar is used to help obtain a context behind it. For example. If Luke brought a pack of Gum […]

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Week 3: The Study of Ontology

What is Ontology? In the simplest possible terms Ontology is the study of “What is real?” Ontology is a confusing topic, when researching the subject I found myself hitting a few brick walls where people discussing the subject seem to have apposing ideas on some of the details of Ontology. Regardless I’ll try to give […]

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Week 1: First Blog Back

Today was the first day of my Research 701 semester 2 class. I have been tasked with keeping a blog as part of my assignment 1. For our first blog we were asked to answer a few questions about research and plagiarism which I have answered below. What do you think ‘research’ is? Research can […]

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