Discourse Analysis

What is Discourse Analysis? Discourse Analysis is the study of how language is used or why particular language is used to portray a context. Essentially it’s figuring out why a particular context is used or to find the underlining reason why more common context isn’t used. What kinds of Questions / Problems might it be […]

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Ontology Ontology is the study of “What Exists” or “What is real”, a belief of reality. Everyone on the planet has a belief of reality and what exists and that belief is called their ontological position and everyone’s ontological position is different and sits on a the spectrum between realism and nominalism. When performing research […]

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First blog post

Welcome to my Research Methods 300 class blog. Here I will be making weekly posts on the topics and blog requirements in class. For my fries blog I have been asked to answer 5 questions honestly which I have listed below. Enjoy!…

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